Stadia hands-on demo at Google I/O felt just like my Xbox


May 1, 2019
Everything was hard-wired at I/O. Controllers included. The Verge that reported that the demos there were not actually on wi-fi due to it being too stressed.
There was no perceivable lag or latency during my short time playing the demo. The graphics looked great, and the game ran smoothly. There were no stutters or jitters.
The game's character moved the moment I'd push the Stadia controller's joystick, and she would swing her sword instantaneously the moment I'd press the button. The game's scenery and details looked no different to what I'd see on my Xbox, too.
Google still hasn't answered important questions about Stadia, like pricing and the selection of games that will be available to play. A lot of Stadia's success and value will depend on those answers.