How do you think people will measure Stadia's Success?


May 1, 2019
If there is a company that can pull off a solid video game streaming service, it’s probably Google, Amazon or Microsoft. I am betting mostly on the first two.
There are lots of problems with streaming video games. Input lag, low internet speed, no 5G mobile internet infrastructure as of now.
But Google planned it very well. They recruited a top-notch team, with former experienced executives from the best video game firms.
They also have the technology, the best video platform (YouTube), and the server capacity to be there for their users.
It’s not going to happen instantly. But Google Stadia as a project has the potential to be successful.
And if it does, forget about the video sector as it is now. Consoles (at least in developed markets) will become obsolete. More and more developers will switch their attention to Google Stadia, ditching other platforms. Google may even create its own successful exclusives, giving the gaming world a fresh perspective.
All in all, the need for consoles will decline. With the right price tag for Google stadia, consoles will seem overpriced and not worth it.
Will it become mainstream enough to do that, however?
We can just wait and see.