How can I introduce myself in English?

Jun 22, 2019
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Check how can you do this at Write to Ellen DeGeneres - We Love EllenIntroduce Yourself: Name

Question: What’s your name?


My name is …/ I’m …

My full/ first/ last name is …

You can call me …/ They call me …/ Please call me …/ Everyone calls me …

My nick name is …

Self Introduction: Country


Where are you from?/ Where do you come from?

Where were you born?


I’m from …/ I hail from …/ I come from …/ My hometown is …/ I’m originally from …

I’m … (nationality)

I was born in …

Introduce Yourself: Address

Question: Where do you live?/ What’s your address?


I live in … / My address is … (city)

I live on … (name) street.

I live at …

I spent most of my life in …

I have lived in … for/ since …

I grew up in …

Self Introduction: Age

Question: How old are you?


I’m … years old.

I’m …

I’m over/ almost/ nearly …

I am around your age.

I’m in my early twenties/ late thirties.

Introduce Yourself: Family


How many people are there in your family?

Who do you live with?/ With whom do you live?

Do you have any sibling?


There are … (number) people in my family. They are …

There are … (number) of us in my family.

My family has … (number) people.

I live with my …

I am the only child.

I don’t have any siblings.

I have … brothers and … (number) sister.

Self Introduction: Birthday/ Phone number


What is your date of birth?/ When is your birthday?

What is your phone number?


My birthday is on …

My phone number is …

Introduce Yourself: Jobs


What do you do?/ What do you do for living?/ What’s your job?/ What sort of work do you do?/ What line ofj work are you in?

What did you want to be when you grew up?


I am a/ an …

I work as a/ an …

I work for (company) … as a/ an …

I’m unemployed./ I am out of work./ I have been made redundant./ I am between jobs.

I earn my living as a/ an …

I am looking for a job. / I am looking for work.

I’m retired.

I would like to be a/ an …/ I want to be a/ an …

I used to work as a/ an … at … (places)

I just started as … in the … department.

I work in/at a … (places)

I have been working in … (city) for … years.

Self Introduction: Hobbies


What’s your hobby?/ What do you like?/ What do you like to do?/ What’s your favorite … ?


I like/ love/ enjoy/ … (sports/ movies/ …/)

I am interested in …

I am good at …

My hobby is …/ I am interesting in …

My hobbies are …/ My hobby is …

My favorite sport is …

My favorite color is …

I have a passion for …

My favorite place is …

I sometimes go to … (places), I like it because …

I don’t like/ dislike/ hate …

My favorite food or drink is …

My favorite singer/ band is …

My favorite day of the week is … because …

Because: (self introduction sample)

there are many things to see and do

This is one of the most beautiful places I have been visited.

I can relax there

it’s relaxing/ popular/ nice/ …

Hobbies – Free time activities for self introduction.

Reading, painting, drawing

Playing computer games

Surfing the Internet

Collecting stamps/ coins/ …

Going to the cinema

Playing with friends

Chatting with best friends

Going to the park/ beach/ zoo/ museum/ …

Listening to music

Shopping, singing, dancing, travelling, camping, hiking, …

Movies: action movie, comedy, romance, horror, document, thriller, cartoons, …

Sports: volleyball, badminton, tennis, yoga, cycling, running, fishing, …

Questions: What do you like doing your free time?/ What do you do in your spare time?


In my free time, I like …

I like … when I’m free.

At weekends I sometimes go to … (places)

Introduce Yourself: Education


Where do you study?

What do you study? / What is your major?


I’m a student at …

I study at …/ I am at …/ I go to … (school)

I study … (majors)

My major is …

Majors in English: accounting, advertising, arts, biology, economics, history, humanities, marketing, journalism, sociology, philosophy, …


Why do you study English?

Do you speak English?

How long have you been learning English?/ How long have you learned English?


I study English because …

I can speak English very well.

I’ve been learning English for/ since …

I can express myself and communicate in English.

Because: (self introduction sample)

I like it a lot

I love it.

I think it’s important

I have to

It’s very important and necessary.

I want to learn more about this language.

I love to improve my English skills.


Which grade are you in?

Which year are you in?

I’m in … grade.

I’m in my first/ second/ third/ final year.

I am a freshman.

I graduated from …/ My previous school was …

Question: What’s your favorite subject?


My favorite subject is …

I am good at … (subjects)

Subjects: Maths, English, Physics, Physical Education, Science, Music, …

Self Introduction: Marital status

Questions: What is your marital status?

Are you married?

Do you have a boyfriend/ girlfriend?


I’m married/ single/ engaged/ divorced.

I’m not seeing/ dating anyone.

I’m not ready for a serious relationship.

I’m going out with a … (someone)

I’m in a relationship./ I’m in an open relationship.

It’s complicated.

I have a boyfriend/ girlfriend/ lover/ …

I’m in love with … (someone)

I’m going through a divorce.

I have a husband/ wife.

I’m a happily married man/ woman.

I have a happy/ unhappy marriage.

My wife/ husband and I, we’re separated.

I am available.

I haven’t found what I’m looking for.

I’m ready for a rebound relationship.

I’m a widow/ widower.

I’m still looking for the one.

I (don’t) have … (number) children.

Introduce Yourself: Others

I’ve got a … (pet)

I am a … person/ I’m … (character & personality)

My best quality is … (character & personality)

My best friend’s name is …

I (don’t) have … (number) international friends.

My dream is …

Career and personality for self introduction: brave, calm, gentle, courteous, creative, hard-working, rude, unfriendly, unreliable, lazy, stingy, insensitive, …

Pets: dog, puppy, mouse, rabbit, cat, goldfish,