Google Stadia Could Solve One of Chromecast’s Biggest Problems


May 1, 2019
Unlike most TV devices (Amazon, Apple TV, Roku), Chromecast doesn’t have a remote. Chromecast is designed to stream content from a smartphone wirelessly, calling up content from your phone’s Netflix app, for example, and beaming it to your TV. On Google’s Android operating system, it also offers full-screen mirroring.

When the $35 dongle launched in 2013, that was a revelation: finally, an easy way to share those small-screen videos with others on the big screen!

Fast forward six years, and the Chromecast has cemented itself as Google’s primary streaming device. It still achieves its primary goal effortlessly, but its lack of any sort of user interface (also unlike Amazon, Apple TV, Roku), which also makes it a tough sell for some. Why fiddle around with a Chromecast dongle and your phone, when Roku, Apple TV, and Amazon Fire TV all offer a full-fledged interface, plus a remote for a similar price?