Google Stadia Controller review


May 1, 2019
Part and parcel of Stadia is the new Stadia Controller – a Wi-Fi-enabled gamepad created entirely by Google’s hardware team that will help you get the most from the streaming service when it launches later this year.

You don’t need the controller to use the streaming service: Stadia can be played with any controller you already own, including your keyboard and mouse if you’re playing on a laptop or PC. But this first-party controller unlocks the next-level functions Google is building into its streaming service, like in-game help via Google Assistant, or a Share button that starts livestreaming your session on YouTube Gaming for others to watch – or join.
At Google IO 2019 we got a chance to go hands-on with the controller for the first time and while it wasn’t as functional as it will be when the service launches, it was a good preview of what’s to come for Google’s ambitious – and still rather mysterious – game-streaming service.