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    Is GFN your jam? Go for it.

    If that service works for you, awesome. Go for it. Be happy. That's the free market's beauty. And hey... I'm pretty sure there's a sub for that where you can discuss it with others. I know the comparisons are inevitable, but this is getting ridiculous. Constructive criticism is one thing. And...
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    How does google keep enough horsepower available to all of us to play.....

    Love the service and a believer in stadia.... So I tried searching here and on google also but couldn't find an detailed explanation on how all of this works. So I believe stadia allots a rack to each individual who starts a game and blocks it to them till they play. I also get it they...
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    My opinion on stadia as a day 1 player.

    Stadia has worked for me since the very first day. Extremely easy setup. No issues. Whether it was CCU/TV or Chromebooks or PC. For the initial setup. That is because I already had 2.4ghz and 5ghz WiFi already separates I had my dns set to googles and I have no data cap mixed with 1gb internet...
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    Thoughts on Stadia

    I think the Stadia announcement timing was ok but I'm not convinced by the availability on existing Chromecast as the only option for tv. New consoles ps5 / xbox2 won't be available until 2020. Stadia itself won't be available till the end of this year (at best). In my opinion Google would...
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    Hey Google! take my Gaming Data and sell long as I get ads to games/accessories I like

    Google is one of the best companies at accruing Big Data, and I can easily see how this can flow over to Stadia. I have said in the past that I wouldn’t mind if Google gives us a short survey after each gaming session. The questions will be directed towards genres I like and the accessories I...
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    [USA-CA] [H] Monitor, mITX Case and Miscellaneous Parts [W] Local Cash

    Clearing out some old parts and making room for new hardware. Sale is local **ONLY** to Lakeforest (92630) and surrounding areas. Timestamps: [ Drive Info: [ |Item|Price|Condition| |:-|:-|:-| |~~Alienware AW3418DW Monitor~~|~~$600~~ **SOLD**|~~Used~~ | |AMD Radeon Vega 64|$250|Used| |~~2TB...
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    This Week At Bungie 11/26/2019

    Source: --- This week at Bungie, we give thanks. Hello, and welcome to an oddly early TWAB entry. It’s Tuesday, it’s 10 in the morning, and we might have caught you off guard. This Thursday, we’re celebrating Thanksgiving in the states. It’s a day...
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    The Linux Kernel's Scheduler Apparently Causing Issues For Google Stadia Game Developers

    *I know that we were not the only developers who had problems with the scheduler on Stadia. And Google is very aware of the problem. They care a lot about latency because latency is super important for the Stadia experience. And one of the ways they’ve reduced latency is to run games at 60hz...
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    Google Stadia is the new 32X?

    I mean, stop gap before real next gen, a bad rep and inexpensive you get what you pay for and more?
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    Google Stadia Review Megathread

    Device Information (Updated 2:07PM EST) -------------------- **Device**: Google Stadia **Trailers**: - [Google Stadia Reveal Trailer]( - [Google Stadia: Everything you need to know]( **Publishers**...
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    Founder's edition is here to stay, for a while anyway.

    Worried about Stadia Founder's Edition going away before you can pre-order? Don't be. In the direct John Justice stated that "\[the Founder's Edition\] is only available for a limited time, in limited quantities, so don't wait too long!" but when I called google they said it would be...
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    Google Stadia a new enemy on the Horizon

    Today Google Stadia was revealed. Some facets - Stadia Base: free, 1080p @60, you have to buy all games -Stadia Pro: 9,99€, 4K @60, some games included but all in all you have to buy games. It’s not a good deal in my opinion but the even bigger problem are exclusives it’s not like Epic...
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    Google announces Stadia, its streaming game platform, in an effort to upend the $140 billion video game industry Google unveiled its Stadia game platform on Tuesday. People will be able to play Stadia games at their highest quality on low-powered machines, from laptops to TVs and phones, wherever they have an internet...
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    Can we stream Google Stadia games in HD?

    Can we stream Google Stadia games in HD?
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    What is Google Stadia?

    What is Google Stadia?
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    What is the Latest console released by PlayStation?

    What is the Latest console released by PlayStation?
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    Will I be able to play my own games from Steam and Gog on Google Stadia?

    Will I be able to play my own games from Steam and Gog on Google Stadia?
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    One of the better Google Stadia videos I’ve seen

    If you guys are looking for some good general information on Stadia check out this video I came across. Quality is that great though but good information nonetheless.
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    Google to reveal Stadia games, price, and launch details on June 6

    []( E3 cometh early.