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    The Division 2 announced as a launch title for Google Stadia game streaming service

    I wonder if this works for those who own it on PC/PS4/Xbox already and if the saves will work between all? Wouldn't really want to start over and lose progress on PC, but would be nice to jump between playing on PC. My guess, it would merge your game data on PC only, for now. All that being...
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    All Google Stadia games confirmed so far

    Ever since the first Stadia news, I was hoping for anno... Pleaaaaase
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    Google Stadia a new enemy on the Horizon

    If you want the „starter package“ you have to pay 129€ for just a bit more you get a console.
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    Little Bit News | Google Stadia

    *Продолжаем марафон новостей с gamescom 2019!* *Настала пора презентации сервиса Stadia* *от компании Google.* **Cyberpunk 2077** Трейлер - [ | В трейлере Cyberpunk 2077 нам не показали ничего нового, но зато мы узнали, что игра появится в...
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    7 New Games Announced For Google Stadia (CYBERPUNK 2077!!)

    I accualy wonder since its Cd Project red if you buy it on GoG if you will get DRM free + steam + stadia
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    Stadia's big event is likely to happen in June

    I think it will be something like one or two weeks after E3.
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    Putting an end to YouTubers and news outlets spreading lies about Stadia

    Exactly! Maybe Google should have announced it closer to the time. A lot of a gap for all sorts of theories to spiral out control
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    Putting an end to YouTubers and news outlets spreading lies about Stadia

    I love those guys. I never feel that they are biased or have an agenda. Always feels very honest and neutral.
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    Design Mockups and complaining posts.

    I hope you don't feel like this was a personal attack, I promise that it wasn't intended that way.
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    Design Mockups and complaining posts.

    in before we get to customize our UI completely... That'd be interesting but would be a nice selling point
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    How do I bet against Stadia?

    Makes it like sorta like GeForce Now but cuts out the middle man and doesn't require a PC. Not sure how it'll pan out, but 4k 60fps for any title sounds nice assuming you live in close enough proximity to a server. PS Now is dog shit quality for a lot of games, Last of Us for example only...
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    Stadia Hardware Debate

    You’re right. I’m only concerned on how feasible a multi gpu implementation is, however with google, AMD, and developers working on it, it should turn out okay. EDIT: Where I see Stadia going is perhaps they can use custom interconnects between GPUs, perhaps cache coherent ones, this would...
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    TheGamer: Are Google Stadia and Microsoft xCloud The Future of Gaming?

    Yeah, it's not *the* future. It's *a* future.
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    [RANT] I hope, I sincerely and deeply hope that Google Stadia fails as hard that it even burns f*cking Google to the ground

    The only interesting exclusive I saw in today's video was Orcs Must Die 3, and it sounds like it's actually putting that extra data center power to use with massive numbers of enemies. Because games like World War Z, L4D, Killing Floor and many more had so much trouble with large groups of...
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    [RANT] I hope, I sincerely and deeply hope that Google Stadia fails as hard that it even burns f*cking Google to the ground

    You're wrong. The stadia subscription is only for 4k. If you don't care about 4k then your only expense is the game. You have to buy games as you would on any platform.
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    ReviewTechUSA finds the fact that Stadia games will be full price "a joke"...

    Recently he has been making a bunch of weird and pointless videos with missinformation and horrible arguments... Griffin Gaming reacts to one of his videos which I have linkes in my post above!
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    Full list of Stadia Games including Releasedates, Genres...

    If Ubisoft offers cross save for the division 2 then I will be.
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    One of the better Google Stadia videos I’ve seen

    If you guys are looking for some good general information on Stadia check out this video I came across. Quality is that great though but good information nonetheless.