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    Phil Harrison: Free Stadia arriving within "months"

    It wouldn't make sense not to have at least one free game for people to try.
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    GDC 2020: Announced Stadia presentations

    Won't be available on Stadia unless Google switches out all GPUs. It's coming to Vulkan so PC games can use it on Nvidia Pascal or AMD Navi 2 hardware.
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    Microsoft's Phil Spencer bets on physical game consoles for the next 10+ years

    I think it's curious that people think owning a physical copy of a game means anything when the manufacturer can always cut you off from necessary updates to play the game.
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    Stadia is the future we want. GFN is just a lower barrier of entry to gaming as it is now (but not the future). Change my mind.

    Exactly. This is also why Microsoft gaming head said the big threats are google and Amazon. But again, a cloud gaming solution that is effectively a remote Xbox/desktop to play your games is not as capable as something like Stadia that is exclusively in the cloud. You don't have to limit your...
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    Stadia is the future we want. GFN is just a lower barrier of entry to gaming as it is now (but not the future). Change my mind.

    Agreed. There is room for both, especially over the next 5-10 years. At some point though game streaming will be preferable over local hardware and at that point stadia (or stadia-like competitors) will be the preferred cloud gaming provider(s) due to their additional capabilities.
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    How is stadia supposed to compete with series X and ps5?

    Its like the hardcore DVD/Bluray collector asking who is Netflix for. It reached some new audiences and some people adapted to its simplicity.
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    Stadia is the future we want. GFN is just a lower barrier of entry to gaming as it is now (but not the future). Change my mind.

    I have been thinking about it and Stadia is the future of game streaming that we all want. GFN is nice because you can play your existing library, but in the end it is just a remote desktop solution that only plays games. Aside from the ability to play your existing library, GFN is inferior to...
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    Sorry if I’m a bit out of the loop on this one, but why is Destiny 2 not Free-To-Play on Stadia?

    things aren't always paid for upfront. You want a base user playing a f2p game because he's more likely to buy an expansion and also buy something else. How many base players would play new light ONLY and no other game or expansion in destiny 2? I doubt very many.
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    Hardware upgrades sooner than we think?

    Input lag IMO is no issue at all on Destiny. Other developers seem to be struggling though.
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    My opinion on stadia as a day 1 player.

    I'd point to The Division 2 as a hopeful sign. It runs at 60 FPS, something like 1800P upscaled to 4K, settings seem to be set to at least HIGH (maybe better) and loading times are night and day when compared to playing on Xbox One X. Also it has that game stream picture-in-picture feature you...
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    Digital Foundry's Doom Eternal analysis

    I keep reading these reports of input lag etc. But I honestly don't notice it at all. I'm not a die hard gamer, I only get limited time to play these days, but I have played games for years It's like being told my car has 200 horsepower so therefore I shouldn't enjoy driving my car because some...
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    Digital Foundry's Doom Eternal analysis

    I've played a good chunk through doom eternal and am having a blast with it. They might be further from the server than me or they are more sensitive to input latency. I can't even tell there is any latency....
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    Digital Foundry's Doom Eternal analysis

    It depends on your level of tolerance tbh. People who has played a lot of FPS natively on PC or consoles will definitely find the lag hugely noticeable and borderline unplayable.
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    Digital Foundry's Doom Eternal analysis

    "nobody gives stadia attention!" **digital foundry puts this out** no not like that.
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    Hey devs/techies! Curious about the hardware and software stack for google stadia? Check the link below, for the dev site!

    I agree, but this is just the marketing page. It is just there to get people to sign up, once in they will obviously get more information than that.