Will Google Stadia kill consoles?

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Jun 16, 2019
Its going to depend HEAVILY on internet standards.

First up among hardcore pc/console gamers who know whats up, Google will likely not grab any of us. We are too focused on preformance to the point of spending 3k+ on a computer. We see there’s a boatload of latency issues out in the real world that with the current us internet infastructure are insurmountable at this time. Especially in many area’s in the united states where internet speeds are still in the stone ages. Furthermore we have privacy/ownership issues with not owning our own hardware that we can customize. Many of us are worried if we offend goggle somehow, we could lose the rights to play our games even if they are offline. And that’s just fucked up. If anything will grab us, it will HAVE to be console exclusives and these console exclusives have to be damn good.

Lets be real, Consoles will live based upon their exclusives. Pretending thats not the case is fatal. The Xbox one is a laughing stock because of this fact. And its telling because Xbox one is a tad superior hardware wise to a ps4 and I OWN A PS4 and I’m saying this. But I bought a ps4 because the exclusive market on the ps4 is hands down better.

Now among the casuals and poorer gamers, there COULD be opportunity to grab real gains here, but once again, google NEEDS those exclusives. Selling games that are already available on trusted platforms aren’t enough.

So the TL:DR is

Hardcore gamers aren’t jumping for this.

Could win over massive casual gamers as their rigs are just consoles or cheap computers so this could be a direct upgrade.

Internet infastucture as it is, is unacceptable for this and will NEED MASSIVE improvements.

Their are privacy/personal control concerns such as ownership of your game library.

The console Needs exclusives to sell well and it doesn’t have them yet.

So if your investing in this, WAIT until you see what google’s exclusives are. This is NOT something safe to bet on right now for anyone.