Google Stadia Review Mega Thread.

Google Stadia

Apr 22, 2019
Google Stadia Reviews are out. With the new Google console, you can play games directly on your computer with the Chrome Browser or with a Chrome Cast without the need of installing games. Whomever, if you planned to get a Stadia to play on those sweet 4K and 60 FPS on your PC, it's better to stick with Steam for now.

# Console Info:

**Release Date:** The Stadia Founder’s Edition was first available for pre-order and has since sold out, and it will ship on November 19. A wider release is coming later down the line, but Stadia Base won’t be available until 2020.

**Price:** Premiere Edition - $130

Founder's Edition - $129

# Reviews:

**Vice** \- [**Patrick Klepek**‏](

I've spent with a week with Google Stadia. At times, a disaster. At times, a revelation. For now, you should stay away.

**Digital\`s Foundr**y - Richard Leadbetter

Combined with the feeling that the platform and the ecosystem is still some way off completion and I do feel that it's perhaps too early for Stadia to be rolling out as a full service, especially when games are limited and the all-important platform exclusives are very thin on the ground.

****\- Mike Williams

"Google Stadia is simply not ready for launch."

**GamesBeat** \- JeffGrub

It worked for me really really well, but I mean ... things should work! But even so, the tech is surprising. 4K 60 HDR with no noticeable compression and very little input latency. And yet, Stadia isn't for anyone.

IGN - 6.0/10.0 (not final)

Google Stadia has fully realized game streaming better with the highest fidelity graphics and lowest input lag of any service I’ve ever used, but there are more features Google has promised that are on their way than are actually available on the service right now


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Jun 22, 2019
The only cloud gaming I want is as an extension of a service I already have. Something like GeforceNow for my Steam games or xCloud for my Xbox games.

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Jun 16, 2019
I hope it fails too. The thing is like many projects its not even because of the technical reasons. Some asshole executives are the reason that this otherwise high potential technological advancement actually would only result in a less fun experience for me.

What type of things am I talking about?

* The further weakening of the concept of game ownership. (Yes we haven't owned games for years, but in the practical sense we have.)

* Elimination of any ways to bypass microtransaction systems in games. "ItS cHeAtInG" is the excuse they use now, but here there wont even be an excuse. Games will just get worse as this type of thing eventually (though not right now) becomes more common

* Unreleased products will be even more unreleased as devs are more able to simply start half baked products more easily in the cloud and only support the ones with the absolute highest revenue streams.

Basically they've managed to make a technology that on paper seems great, worse in every way apart from pick up and play casual players for the consumer.


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Jun 22, 2019
There's unfortunately already one exclusive, Gylt by Tequila Works, the studio that made Deadlight, The Sexy Brutale, and Rime.