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    Nail in the Coffin for me and the Stadia

    It's just his opinion dude, chill. I also think that for those that already have games on other platforms (steam, epic, etc...) GFN offers a better cost benefit. The amount of free games that you can get from those platforms is also something to consider (free games every week on epic. As we...
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    Nail in the Coffin for me and the Stadia

    $500 and the price of Xbox live ($5/month). So 100 month of stadia. Oh but in that hundred months a new Xbox comes out so there’s another 100 months. and Stadia doesn’t require a subscription to play games once you buy them.
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    Nail in the Coffin for me and the Stadia

    edit: sorry for posting. I forgot that if you don't absolutely love the stadia and sing about how awesome it is everyone will jump around to tell you how wrong you are. Yall are like trump talking about how great he's been wtih the covid response.
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    Thoughts of a Stadia user

    Unique features, great ui (click one link to play), great input latency, games made for it will utilize the cloud in ways games made for pc, or console will knot be able too, Dedicated ai processing for example. Possibility for many more players on one server. Stadia is designed from the ground...
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    Microsoft's Phil Spencer bets on physical game consoles for the next 10+ years

    In my opinion this only means that they are not there yet. Google has accomplished something invaluable with Stadia, bringing AAA games to your main screen without a box in the state we have seen and played. Considering his recent statement that their main competitors moving forward are Google...
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    Do you think Stadia will have to invest in new hardware this year due the new incoming next gen consoles?

    Agreed. The 200 millions console users will continue to play on consoles and the rest will play on Stadia
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    Stadia is the future we want. GFN is just a lower barrier of entry to gaming as it is now (but not the future). Change my mind.

    The only problem I have with GFN is this mass exodus of big publishers. I'm not sure why Bethesda left but as for Activision Nvidia said they didn't realize the [contract only covered the beta and not full...
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    Stadia is the future we want. GFN is just a lower barrier of entry to gaming as it is now (but not the future). Change my mind.

    Hopefully they can get enough developers to work with them. The stadia platform is great for MMOs, and rts games. As long as it can do what they claimed on that orcs must die video.
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    How is stadia supposed to compete with series X and ps5?

    The Stadia games are still very underwhelming. The games coming in March aren't that exciting either. Shouldn't surprise anyone that being a game platform it needs games.
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    Honest Opinion: Do you think, that Stadia can/will coexist just fine with PC Gaming and Consoles?

    Honestly this is a dystopia, i rather give up gaming forever than being forced to use cloud gaming.
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    Hardware upgrades sooner than we think?

    I think optimization is only part of the story. I agree developing specifically for stadia should produce better results, but the Vega 56 is also under powered compared to upcoming consoles. A strong point to optimization is Division 2. Wow that game runs amazing. It still has graphical issues...
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    Hardware upgrades sooner than we think?

    Yeah at this point it’s all speculation. A lot of people assumed base would be widely available at the end of the 3 months of free pro. I agree most people feel it is a ways off, and it probably is. I’m just making a case that it is reasonably possible that we could see hardware improvements in...
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    My opinion on stadia as a day 1 player.

    The free tier for Stadia is on its way this year, then you'll be able to test without buying the package. They're not trying to attract all users at the moment. They want to get the experience right before rolling it out to everyone.
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    Digital Foundry's Doom Eternal analysis

    Why are there even those differences between the games
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    Speculation: Google's Curious Hardware Choice for Stadia

    This, plus the fact that Nvidia has GeForce Now and probably doesn't want to support a competitor.
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    Speculation: Google's Curious Hardware Choice for Stadia

    I suspect that if AMD comes out with a higher clocking 64 core SKU, and if stadia takes off, they'll probably start looking at AMD. If Google wants a 64 core CPU at 4.5 GHz they're gonna get it.
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    Stadia vs Xcloud

    I don’t get the math. If you only play 3 regular priced games a year from game pass, you’ve saved money. I’m using the monthly price of $15 a month. If you get the yearly subscription, the the savings are phenomenal. No way is it more expensive.
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    StadiaGamer has been created

    It sounds like they’re gonna have some amazing titles in the monthly system. Apparently they might have hundreds of new games or something.
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    Please Google let me buy your products.

    Hey Google. I really enjoyed your event today. Both the pixel 4 and the pixelbook go look really appealing to me, and i would love to pre-order them. Too bad i live in Norway and not in the small list of 11 countries you sell them in. But i do wonder why i can pre-order both the new nest mini...